Expert Consulting

Need Expert Advise ?

We realize that its not always easy to find the best RFQ for your project and ultimately it ends up being a cold war between you and the developers when you tell them the details or new ideas once the project has started. We help you determine what would be the best for you and approximately what cost you might have to incur. Again taking a lot of considerations with technology so you do not get a half hearted coding done which falls flat on the web

Making sites which can work, improving the ideas to be innovative. Imaginge you wish to have a Myspace clone, what will you achieve out of it - dead sure you cannot make it as robust as Myspace as you do not have that much money to invest (until you think you are a bank), so what happens is you get a below standard script customized to your name where the only members are you, your betterhalf, your friends or people you take you to be an ideal. What good will it do to you.

Simple solution is you talk to one of our experts who have studied the web for years now. We help you create a project requirement sheet which will make your website unique and appealing to users. Obviously this service is paid but its more like a Interior designer creating a plan for your new home or office, execution can be done on it accordingly.

We also offer Project Manager solutions for your existing contracts with any company who can ensure your script is well written and thought of, its flexible and has all the ingredients to make it a great dish, after all every restaurant can make burgers but why is MC Donalds so famous ? the key is a successfull plan and execution. Lets make a successful site and project together